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176 km - Altitude gain 3800mt


Possagno -

Pian del Cansiglio

Monday 17  June 2023 176km Altitude gain 3800mt

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The queen stage of the 2023 Giro starts from Tempio del Canova in Possagno. Past km 0, the route is an endless brace of short and long, harsh and manageable climbs. The stage crosses the Prosecco area, from Valdobbiadene, through Combai to Refrontolo. Past Vittorio Veneto, the route takes in consecutive ascents to San Lorenzo, Passo San Boldo (with hairpins in tunnels), Valmorel, Nevegal (with gradients steadily over 10% along the central kms), Malga Cate in Alpago (with double-digit gradients), and eventually reaches the Pian del Cansiglio coming from Farra, rising at 12/13% over the first 4 kms. A tough and selective stage that will determine the final standings.
Final kilometres
There is a final categorised climb 4 km from the finish, followed by a short descent, while the last 3 km are flat.

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Possagno is a small town in the province of Treviso (Veneto), and most notably the birthplace of Antonio Canova (late 18th century). The painter and sculptor is remembered by the Tempio Canoviano and the plaster cast gallery. Built around the house where the artist was born, the museum holds sketches and casts of his artworks, as well as many of his paintings.

During World War I, the Italian frontline stood near Possagno. A huge cross was erected by the population in memory of all the victims of the war south of Monte Palon, on 5 November 1925, and has been towering over the town ever since.


Veneto Agricoltura

Pian del Cansiglio


The Cansiglio (Canséi or Canséjo in the local vernacular), is a wide plateau of the Belluno pre-Alps, straddling the regions of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is surrounded by a lush and beautiful forest, which consists mainly of tall beech trees (Fagus sylvatica). Around the 15th century, the Cansiglio played a major economic role for the Republic of Venice, when its beech forest was used to produce oars, timber and coal.


Veneto Agricoltura

Speciality food

Local culinary specialties include flavourful cheese boards, the iconic ‘antipasto del Cansiglio’ with venison and raspberry sauce, homemade Canederli (knödel) and delicious lamb dishes.

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