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150 km - Altitude gain 1550mt


San Francesco al Campo -


Wednesday 12  June 2023 150km Altitude gain 1550mt

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Quite flat at first, the stage becomes wavier and more demanding up to the finish. The route runs around the city of Turin, touching some towns in the hinterland, such as Settimo Torinese and Chieri. It then continues southbound, reaching the hills around Alba. After cresting La Morra and Novello, the route takes one lap of the final circuit (18 km), touching Cherasco, Narzole, and the Tanaro valley floor. In the 2010 Gran Piemonte, Philippe Gilbert swept to victory on that same finish.
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The last 3 km are flat at first, then rise quite steeply from 1,500 m to the finish, with some switchbacks and gradients up to 9%. The last 500 m are almost flat.

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San Francesco al Campo


San Francesco al Campo rises on the Vauda plateau (a Celtic term meaning ‘forest’), a few kilometres away from Turin. The current name of the town dates from the mid-1800s, and it comes from the name of the 18-century parish church dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, and from the former military training camp that was setup in the surrounding plain.

Speciality food

The traditional ‘bunet’, a rich chocolate pudding made from eggs, sugar, cocoa, milk, liqueur and amaretti cookies, is a must-taste. It pairs perfectly with delicious Asti wines, both sweet and sparkling, or a still Moscato d’Asti.



Rising on a hillock, nestled in the stunning scenery of the ‘Langhe’, the beautiful town of Cherasco played a leading role in the history of Piedmont.

The castle of Cherasco (1348), the symbol of the town, was built by the Duke of Milan, Luchino Visconti, and is currently the venue of the Mercato dell’Antiquariato, currently in its 120th edition. Cherasco is an Orange Flag, as certified by the Touring Club of Italy, actively engaged in protecting the environment and in promoting its heritage as well as its traditional specialties: exquisite Barolo wine, and fine confectionery specialties (Baci di Cherasco). The town is also a leading centre for snail farming.

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