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Stage 07

What will your experience be?

Start - Stage 7

Race Experience - Stage 7

Finish Line - Stage 7

What will your experience be?

Start - Stage 7
Race Experience - Stage 7
Finish Line - Stage 7


PPO (mandatory passing point) Go to PPO

Accreditation: Largo San Pietro Montagnon

Hospitality Address: Piazza Roma

Hospitality Opening Hours: 9.05 AM

Pre-stage operations and signing-in: 9.55 AM

Start: 11.05 AM

PPO (mandatory passing point) Go to the PPO

Accreditation: Largo San Pietro Montagnon

Hospitality Address: Piazza Roma

Distance Accreditation Point - Hospitality: 650 m

Hospitality Opening Hours: 9.05 AM


Start: 11.05 AM

The meeting point for Race Experience guests is in the Hospitality at the Start at least 1h30 before the start time of the race

Finish: ~4:00 PM

PPO (mandatory passing point) Go to PPO

Hospitality Address: Via Maurizio Tosi

Hospitality Opening Hours: 2.00 PM

Headquarters: Municipio di ZoccaVia del Mercato, 104, 41059 Zocca MO

Headquarters opening hours: 10-30 AM - 6.00 PM

Distance Headquarters - Hospitality: 210 m

Finish: ~4:00 PM

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How do I reach the Start and Finish areas of the stage?

To reach both the departure and arrival locations, you must use the PPO (Compulsory Passage Point) and then follow the directions provided for START/FINISH LINE. We remind you that ordinary traffic will be modified and/or suspended. The PPO will be the only access route to the event areas.


The PPO is the Compulsory Passage Point or the only point of access, with vehicles, to the Departure and Arrival areas. You can find the position of the PPOs at this link.

How do I access the Hospitality Areas?

The hospitality areas can only be accessed with a pass. The title is personal, nominal, non-transferable and valid for 1 person and for the defined date. The areas to which your pass grants access and the duration of the accreditation are shown on the front of the pass.

Where do you collect the passes?

With a view to reducing the use of paper and plastic, guests of the event will be able to show a digital pass instead of the physical pass, which can be showed on any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, and is valid to reach the hospitality areas of departure and arrival.The passes can still be physically collected: at the Start at the "Accreditation Point", at the Finish at the Quartiertappa (unless otherwise specified, for example arrivals stages).

Is it possible to send passes by mail/courier?

No, it is not possible to dispatch the passes.

Minor people

All people over 3 years of age must wear the pass to access the hospitality areas. However, minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult or they will be denied access. Under 14 years the pass is free. Strollers are allowed in the hospitality areas. However, given the conditions of the terrain, the presence of structures and wiring suitable for the organization of the event, their circulation could however be complex. The mobile toilets present are not equipped with changing areas for children.

People with disabilities

The hospitality areas are equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility (adapted ramps and toilets). However, the event sites hosting the stage Start and/or Finish may have steep and/or disconnected terrain and we apologize in advance for any difficulties you may encounter. We recommend informing your contact person and the organization in advance in order to organize yourself in the best possible way.

Dress Code

It is advisable to wear suitable clothes and shoes for an itinerant and outdoor event, also considering that the weather conditions, for example in the case of arriving in the mountains, could be adverse. Within the hospitality areas we require "sport chic" clothing. It is forbidden to enter the hospitality areas in cycling cloths.

Enter/exit the hospitality areas

From the hospitality areas it is possible to enter and exit until the race is at -10km from the finish and in any case compatibly with the activities taking place on the finish line. The accesses along the finish line are then completely closed until the "Fine Corsa Ciclistica" vehicle passes under the arrival arch. At each access you will be asked to show your pass.


There are parking areas reserved only for certain categories of accredited members near the Start and Finish areas.

What is the vehicle sticker plate?

It is the official accreditation for the vehicles following the race which only some accredited vehicles have. It is an adhesive mark of different colours, depending on the category to which it belongs, to be applied compulsorily and permanently both on the windshield and on the rear of the vehicle, which allows vehicles that possess it to be able to move following the race.

Travel within the race

It is strictly forbidden to circulate inside the race. The only vehicles authorized to travel within the race, i.e. between the "Start of the Cycling Race" and "End of the Cycling Race" vehicle, are the accredited vehicles equipped with PINK and GREEN sticker plates.

Drive from the start to the finish of the stage

If you want to go from the start of the stage to the end of the stage, you can use the "out of race" itinerary. Information available in the brochure.


It is the place, at the finish line, intended to host journalists, photographers, the Race Direction, the Jury and all the other functions that make up the organization of the race. Inside there is the "Accreditation Point" where you can collect to access the hospitality areas.

Bike/Luggage Storage

The event does not offer luggage storage. Please avoid luggage, especially bulky ones. Bicycles are prohibited in the hospitality areas and must remain outside. The organization declines all responsibility for any type of damage/theft.


The hospitality areas are equipped with portable and disabled toilets. There are no showers/changing rooms for public use in the Departure and Arrival areas.

Food/drinks/food intolerances

A free non-stop finger food and coffee/bar service is offered in all our hospitality areas. Our catering service provides a list of allergens present in the foods offered. Don't hesitate to ask them for detailed information.

Smoking areas

Our hospitality areas have open spaces. Smoking is permitted in these areas. However, we ask you to avoid smoking near the runners and to respect other guests around you and throw your butts in the appropriate ashtrays.

Take photos/Record videos

You can take photos or videos for your own use. Any commercial use or distribution / public dissemination of race images (including on social networks) is prohibited.

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