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Giro Next Gen was presented in Rome


The new Giro Next Gen, organised by RCS Sport under the patronage of the Ministry of Sports and Youth headed by Andrea Abodi and scheduled from 11 to 18 June, was presented at the Hall of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

There will be eight spectacular stages with opportunities for all types of riders, starting from the opening time trial in Agliè all the way to the finish in Trieste, cresting historical peaks such as Passo dello Stelvio or Pian del Cansiglio. The new stars of world cycling will cover 1050 km with a total elevation gain of 12,050 metres.

Andrea Abodi, Minister of Sports and Youth: “We are starting to make people understand the usefulness of the interdisciplinary nature of sport, starting with events like the Giro d’Italia. There is the classic Giro d’Italia, the women’s Giro d’Italia, which is just as important and will be more so in the future, and the Next Gen. We believe that they all represent a piece of national heritage because they tell not only the story of the exploits of the cyclists or women cyclists, but also of our nation. The cycling movement is growing, as is its social economy; we may have less medals but we can’t speak of a crisis. Sometimes we think that the sporting phenomenon is measured by victories, which certainly make us proud, but the real growth to which we must aspire is that of the base. The Federation must be proud of what the cycling movement as a whole manages to generate, and we must take our cue from the pleasure ordinary people take in getting on their bikes. An approach that was probably being lost before the pandemic crisis: let’s not underestimate this social drive because it’s worth as much as medals, if not more.”

Paolo Bellino, Managing Director and General Manager at Rcs Sport: “For RCS Sport it is an important decision to organise, together with the Federation, the Giro Next Gen. Young riders represent the engine of the movement and are a glimpse into the future, something that is very important for RCS Sport. We have entered into an agreement for many years, demonstrating a long-term project that will allow this race to carve out an even more central place for itself in the international cycling scene. Our organisational machine will make a considerable effort, which will be further expanded from 2024 onwards as we will also add the Giro Donne to the calendar. We will have in 40 days three races that will fully cover the development of the Italian cycling movement.”

Mauro Vegni, Director of the Giro d’Italia: “This year the Giro Next Gen will take place entirely in the North because with only eight stages it is impossible to cover the whole country. Over the next few years we plan to develop the race to the Centre and South so that, as we already do in professional racing, we can bring this top-level event for the category to all Italian territories. The route offers opportunities for everyone, time trialists, sprinters, finisseurs, and climbers with the icing on the cake represented by the finish on the Stelvio Pass.”

Cordiano Dagnoni, President of the Italian Cycling Federation, Federciclismo: “In the history of the Giro Under 23 there is an element of continuity and growth that reaches full maturity with the organisation by RCS Sport, to whom our thanks go for accepting this challenge. A thank you that we also address to those who have allowed the Giro U23 in recent years to restart and become what it is today. I would also like to thank Minister Abodi for the sensitivity he has shown on several occasions towards our sport and in his willingness to build together a path of further growth of our events, especially the youth events. Speaking of youth, I would like to remind you that the cycling movement is in good health. The numbers say so. Not only the 130 medals won last year, but above all the growth rates, in recent years, of the competitive sector. Compared to the last pre-pandemic year, our youth riders have grown by 20 per cent, juniors by 11 per cent, and U23s by 10 per cent. We are aware that our work cannot stop at contingent results but must look at the overall development of the youngsters and we are confident in the work of our technicians and the quality of our races, starting with the Giro Next Gen presented today.”

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